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Can an Air Purifier Keep Your Upholstery Clean?

The basic objective of air purifiers is to clean the impurities in the air so that you can breathe fresh air all the time. The airborne pollutants are not just harmful to your lungs but also make your upholstery dirty. Padded chairs, sofas, and other fixtures often get dirty. One reason for that is the presence of airborne particles. You can not see them but they stick to your furniture and don’t go away unless you use a vacuum cleaner.

Keeping your upholstery clean

Air purifiers make sure that you and your family are breathing clean air and are essential for upholstery cleaning. According to the EPA estimates, indoor air contains two to five times more pollutants than outdoor air. It may come as a shock but it is true. In fact, some houses contain 100 times dirtier air compared to outdoor air. This makes it essential for families to use an air purifier. If the indoor air is dirty, it is easy to understand that they will make the upholstery dirty too. But with an air purifier in the room, these pollutants won’t be able to flow around easily.

Apart from airborne pollutants, pet dander also makes upholstery dirty. It is hard to control pet fur unless you cut or trim them frequently. Plus, the body odour from your pet doesn’t make things easier. In addition to making the upholstery dirty, it also leaves its peculiar body odour on the furniture. This takes a long time to go. But you can get rid of the body odour and dander by using an air purifier. The advanced models contain HEPA filters that can efficiently suck pet dander and make the room clean and fresh with no odour or fur around.

Air purifier as dust trapper

An air purifier performs multiple functions apart from just keeping the air clean. For example, it cleans pet dander and dust particles efficiently. Air purifiers can trap dirt particles from the air so that they don’t stick on furniture and fixtures and make them dirty. Cleaning the air manually is an impossible task. Therefore, allow the air purifier to take over. Whenever you open doors and windows, you unknowingly invite dust particles into your house.

Air purifiers can trap these dirt particles before allowing them to settle down. Settling down will mean dirtying the carpets, rugs, and upholstery furniture and fixtures. You will notice that your upholstery stays a lot cleaner than before. Many homeowners say that they don’t have to vacuum their upholstery furniture for months because of their efficient air filters.

Upholstery furniture usually absorbs airborne pollutants quickly. You will notice that it is challenging to remove pet dander from sofas. The fabric doesn’t allow the dirt particles to go away easily. You need something as powerful as a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. Unless of course, if you use an air purifier.

Best air purifiers for upholstery cleaning

Although all air purifiers have one objective, their technologies vary from one model to another. Here are a few types of air purifiers that you should try to keep your air and upholstery clean.

1. HEPA technology

High-Efficiency Particulate Air technology is the leading mechanism in the air purifier industry. HEPA filters can trap up to 99.97% dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. Human eye can only see airborne pollutants of size 10 microns. Therefore, you can understand how powerful these filters are. They can keep away bacteria, viruses, and air pollutants away from your house so that you can breathe clean air 24 x 7. Moreover, these filters last for two to four years. This means it will help to keep your upholstery clean for months.

2. Activated carbon technology

Carbon filters are widely used in water filters. Following that technology, you can now find similar mechanisms in air purifiers also. Activated carbon filters contain molecular-sized pores with high chemical bonding and absorbent ability. These properties enable the filters to keep airborne pollutants away and also reduce odour in your home. This means your upholstery will stay protected from dirt particles and smell from pets, tobacco, and smoke from your kitchen.

The filters come with multiple chemical sensitivity technology with an ability to absorb formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is often found in wood panelling, furniture upholstery, and carpet. Therefore, the filters keep these units clean efficiently apart from cleaning the air in your house.

3. UV technology

This technology is often used by combining with particulate filter systems to keep air pollutants away from your rooms. In addition to cleaning the air, air purifiers with UV technology also kill viruses and bacteria. These air purifiers come with a UB lamp installed in its inner chamber. The microorganisms present in the air pass through this chamber. The UV lamp destroys the bacteria and viruses instantly, thus providing clean air free from any type of pollutants.

Surprisingly, air purifiers with UV technology don’t cost as much as HEPA purifiers or activated carbon purifiers. Therefore, investing in one of these filters will be beneficial, especially if you live in a remote area that does not experience too much air pollution as in the cities.

Therefore, don’t consider an air purifier as a unit to keep indoor air clean. It indirectly keeps your upholstery clean also. Notice the dirt that accumulates on your sofa after buying an air purifier. You will understand how the purifier keeps your upholstery clean too.