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We improve your life with our specialist products, designed with our customer’s health in mind

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The basic objective of air purifiers is to clean the impurities in the air so that you can breathe fresh air all the time. The airborne pollutants are not just harmful to your lungs but also make your upholstery dirty. Padded chairs, sofas, and other fixtures often get dirty. One reason for that is the presence of airborne particles. You can not see them but they stick to your furniture and don’t go away unless you use a vacuum cleaner.

Keeping your upholstery clean

Air purifiers make sure that you and your family are breathing clean air and are essential for upholstery cleaning. According to the EPA estimates, indoor air contains two to five times more pollutants than outdoor air. It may come as a shock but it is true. In fact, some houses contain 100 times dirtier air compared to outdoor air. This makes it essential for families to use an air purifier. If the indoor air is dirty, it is easy to understand that they will make the upholstery dirty too. But with an air purifier in the room, these pollutants won’t be able to flow around easily.

Apart from airborne pollutants, pet dander also makes upholstery dirty. It is hard to control pet fur unless you cut or trim them frequently. Plus, the body odour from your pet doesn’t make things easier. In addition to making the upholstery dirty, it also leaves its peculiar body odour on the furniture. This takes a long time to go. But you can get rid of the body odour and dander by using an air purifier. The advanced models contain HEPA filters that can efficiently suck pet dander and make the room clean and fresh with no odour or fur around.

Air purifier as dust trapper

An air purifier performs multiple functions apart from just keeping the air clean. For example, it cleans pet dander and dust particles efficiently. Air purifiers can trap dirt particles from the air so that they don’t stick on furniture and fixtures and make them dirty. Cleaning the air manually is an impossible task. Therefore, allow the air purifier to take over. Whenever you open doors and windows, you unknowingly invite dust particles into your house.

Air purifiers can trap these dirt particles before allowing them to settle down. Settling down will mean dirtying the carpets, rugs, and upholstery furniture and fixtures. You will notice that your upholstery stays a lot cleaner than before. Many homeowners say that they don’t have to vacuum their upholstery furniture for months because of their efficient air filters.

Upholstery furniture usually absorbs airborne pollutants quickly. You will notice that it is challenging to remove pet dander from sofas. The fabric doesn’t allow the dirt particles to go away easily. You need something as powerful as a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. Unless of course, if you use an air purifier.

Best air purifiers for upholstery cleaning

Although all air purifiers have one objective, their technologies vary from one model to another. Here are a few types of air purifiers that you should try to keep your air and upholstery clean.

1. HEPA technology

High-Efficiency Particulate Air technology is the leading mechanism in the air purifier industry. HEPA filters can trap up to 99.97% dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. Human eye can only see airborne pollutants of size 10 microns. Therefore, you can understand how powerful these filters are. They can keep away bacteria, viruses, and air pollutants away from your house so that you can breathe clean air 24 x 7. Moreover, these filters last for two to four years. This means it will help to keep your upholstery clean for months.

2. Activated carbon technology

Carbon filters are widely used in water filters. Following that technology, you can now find similar mechanisms in air purifiers also. Activated carbon filters contain molecular-sized pores with high chemical bonding and absorbent ability. These properties enable the filters to keep airborne pollutants away and also reduce odour in your home. This means your upholstery will stay protected from dirt particles and smell from pets, tobacco, and smoke from your kitchen.

The filters come with multiple chemical sensitivity technology with an ability to absorb formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is often found in wood panelling, furniture upholstery, and carpet. Therefore, the filters keep these units clean efficiently apart from cleaning the air in your house.

3. UV technology

This technology is often used by combining with particulate filter systems to keep air pollutants away from your rooms. In addition to cleaning the air, air purifiers with UV technology also kill viruses and bacteria. These air purifiers come with a UB lamp installed in its inner chamber. The microorganisms present in the air pass through this chamber. The UV lamp destroys the bacteria and viruses instantly, thus providing clean air free from any type of pollutants.

Surprisingly, air purifiers with UV technology don’t cost as much as HEPA purifiers or activated carbon purifiers. Therefore, investing in one of these filters will be beneficial, especially if you live in a remote area that does not experience too much air pollution as in the cities.

Therefore, don’t consider an air purifier as a unit to keep indoor air clean. It indirectly keeps your upholstery clean also. Notice the dirt that accumulates on your sofa after buying an air purifier. You will understand how the purifier keeps your upholstery clean too.

To achieve the best live stage sound at any gig you must learn and understand the basics of sound engineering. It is not too important to spend loads of time in the studio or taking a course in sound engineering, however, you should become acquainted with your PA sound system. The main equipment you will be using is the mixing desk or mixing amp which is the equipment that will control and produce all sounds. Most mixing desks have a bass or a graphic equalizer, auxiliary for effects, and mid and treble controls. Singers and musicians should practice with the equipment, record and listen to the differences that are produced with various volumes and settings.

How to use a Mixing Desk

Using the mixing desk will depend on the size, make, and type that you have. Here is a guideline on how to use a mixing desk:

  • All gain, volume, and effect controls should be turned on fully anti-clockwise to zero
  • All bass, mid, and treble controls should be turned to their centre 12 o clock zero position
  • Gain or volume control should be turned up halfway
  • Volume control for back track should be turned up to a comfortable level
  • Microphone volume should be turned up above the backing track volume. Always make sure you can hear yourself clearly
  • Check that your reverb or mute is off
  • Adjust your pan controls left or right to suit your venue requirements
  • Practice singing and speaking before adjusting any effects or equalisation
  • The bass should be gradually adjusted, mid-range than a bit at a time and you should notice the difference in the sounds. Gradually walk around to hear the different effects and sounds.
  • Your backing track settings will depend on the size and type of the venue and how well you recorded them. Ideally, you should aim for a sound that is not too muddled
  • Adjust the settings for your vocals
  • To turn on your system, connect to the main power, your amplifier should be powered on last after all the other devices
  • To turn your system off, disconnect from the mains, your amplifier should be turned off first before disconnecting your other devices

Leads for speakers

  • It is important not to use faulty speakers or speaker leads as this could damage the amplifier. Take care of your interconnect cables as they can become damaged especially in a mobile or portable sound system. Stop using the sound system immediately if you suspect that you have damaged the speakers, or the speaker leads in any way.
  • It will be apparent to you if there is any audio distortion you will know if the equipment has sustained damage. A PA sound system is only capable of producing a certain volume before incurring damage. Turn the bass and volume down.
  • A lot of the portable sound systems can only be used with a max of 2 8-ohm speakers.

Wireless Microphones

  • A microphone should always be connected to an amplifier that is marked “mic”
  • Never project your voice into a microphone in front of a speaker, this way you will avoid any acoustic feedback when testing your mic
  • Your mic should be clipped to your body in a central location around 20cm below the mouth
  • If you are wearing a microphone on your head, it should always be protected with foam and worn near the mouth
  • Microphones that are handheld will exhibit less feedback and sound warmer when they are close to the mouth
  • Feedback is primarily caused by incorrect placement of loudspeakers, incorrect tonal settings on the amplifier, proximity of the microphone to loudspeakers, or too much volume
  • The microphone should always be behind the speakers
  • UHF wireless mics will not extend beyond 33m max and VHF mics will usually transmit 33m from the receiver in the poorest conditions
  • Wireless mic transmitters should be kept away from their receivers at least 2 to 3 m
  • The receiver and the transmitter should have line of sight between each other
  • Always read instructions before using equipment


Always note the recommended use of rechargeable batteries and the initial charge on the instructions
Never attempt to make or recharge any style of dry cell battery
Prior to using always fully charge NiMh rechargeable batteries

Ways to avoid acoustic feedback

There are many ways of avoiding acoustic feedback here are some of the following:

  • Do not use microphones in front of or near any loudspeakers. Always hold your mic correctly.
  • If you are wearing a mic or a wireless mic never go within 3 to 4 m of a loudspeaker
  • Centrally locate your mic on your body and near your mouth
  • Project your voice when using any microphone system
  • Always have the microphone behind your speakers

Wearing a microphone on your head

A microphone for your head must be positioned correctly. Place the headband around the back of the head and the microphone arm to the left side of your face.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of life and a bad night can have severe knock-on effects that last days. Drowsiness, slow response times, and an inability to focus, all of which we try to combat with large amounts of caffeine.

You will see a lack of sleep has a profound impact on your life and will cost you in more ways than one. It is essential for both academic and career performance, plus it will allow you to have the energy for your loved ones after work.

Sleep will help with concentration, reduces depression, and is proved to improve academic performances. It is a simple thing that we all take for granted and can be a problem for many people.

How To Improve Sleep

When you think of an air purifier, you won’t necessarily associate it with sleep, however aside from removing allergens that help you breathe easier, they also are specifically designed to help.

Sleeping with a steady sound will help to drown out other sounds that make it hard to fall asleep or wake you up at night. Fans are a popular choice however the sound they make isn’t soothing.

Instead, you can use a sound purifier that will make a soothing sound or a specific sound that is designed to help with sleep. There will often be several settings to choose from so you can choose the one that is best for you.

Pink Noise

You will have heard of white noise, but much fewer people have heard of pink. Instead of the high and low pitches you find with white, pink noise removes high pitches.

These are soothing tones like a cat purring that is relaxing and help you go to sleep. There have been studies that show pink noise significantly improve participants falling and staying asleep.

Why Pick A Sound And Air Purifier?

Choosing to invest in a purifier will have a multifaceted effect on your life. Not only will it help with allergies, congestion and your health, but it will impact your daily life.

A sound and air purifier is non-invasive and works quietly with great effect. You can treat two issues at once and give yourself the night’s sleep you deserve with one purchase.

Forget sleeping tablets, invasive earplugs or taking hay fever relief for the rest of your life. Instead, let a purifier do all the work and you can reap the benefits.

Getting a breath of fresh air is a form of relief for most people and getting outside provides emotional respite from a busy mind. The air quality is usually superior to that inside as tools like heating and AC circulate dust around the room.

It is also impacted by pet fur, the number of people, and second-hand smoke will make the air compromised. Dust mites can trigger allergies or asthma, which severely impacts the daily health of the inhabitants.

How To Improve The Air

If you are worried about the quality, then you need to invest in an air purifier. It will help you have the cleanest air possible and impact the overall health of your household.

The air purifier will take the oxygen in your house and filter it. The dust and dirt you can’t see will be taken out of the air, leaving it clean and clear.

Benefits Of A Purifier

It will absorb dust, mites and mold spores from the air. While it won’t avoid cleaning, you will find the amount will be significantly reduced.

It is beneficial to ensure mold is removed as otherwise, you will have to spend time and money cleaning the house. In a bad case you might even have to move out, so getting ahead of it is imperative.

Improves The Smell

Some houses have an odor to them that is unpleasant for all that visit and the owners can’t smell it. There is nothing worse than a stuffy, smelly smell, especially in a clean home.

It is an embarrassing issue and having a good air purifier will help solve it. You won’t have to mask the smell with heavily perfumed room scents that will only mask it and can make the situation worse.

Absorbs Allergens

Those who suffer from hay fever, dust allergies and asthma are very sensitive to the quality of the air around them. By absorbing them, it will clear the air and stop annoying side effects like sneezing.

If you choose a specialist purifier, then it will be able to absorb airborne germs that can cause common illnesses. It will keep your family safe and healthy without you having to change any behaviors.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to purchase one, then what is?

Which One?

Luckily there are lots of purifiers with a range of benefits and you can pick the one that benefits your household. It depends on the age range, number of people, smoking, or pets?

Do you have allergies or is your house moldy? Be sure to conduct your research properly or ask an expert as they will be able to advise you on the best model for you.


If you are looking to purchase a purifier for your home or wondering how it can affect your health, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can reach us via phone or email for a friendly, no strings attached chat about what steps to take to improve your health.