Can an Air Purifier Keep Your Upholstery Clean?

The basic objective of air purifiers is to clean the impurities in the air so that you can breathe fresh air all the time. The airborne pollutants are not just harmful to your lungs but also make your upholstery dirty. Padded chairs, sofas, and other fixtures often get dirty. One reason for that is the presence of airborne particles. You can not see them but they stick to your furniture and don’t go away unless you use a vacuum cleaner. read more

How to achieve a good live stage sound from your PA Sound System

To achieve the best live stage sound at any gig you must learn and understand the basics of sound engineering. It is not too important to spend loads of time in the studio or taking a course in sound engineering, however, you should become acquainted with your PA sound system. The main equipment you will be using is the mixing desk or mixing amp which is the equipment that will control and produce all sounds. Most mixing desks have a bass or a graphic equalizer, auxiliary for effects, and mid and treble controls. Singers and musicians should practice with the equipment, record and listen to the differences that are produced with various volumes and settings. read more